It is rocket science actually …

It is rocket science actually …

Will Woolley in year 9 has put some of his lockdown time to very good use. He has found a number of paper models from the AXM Paper Scale Space Models site and spent a fair bit of time painstakingly building them.

Head of Design and Technology Mr Treen was suitably impressed!

Will is very interested in pursuing a career in aerospace engineering and would like to study the subject at university – we think he is well on the way there already.

Don’t say “it’s not rocket science”!

Year 12 UCAS and Futures Day

Year 12 UCAS and Futures Day a fantastic success

Eventually we have returned to a feeling of normality in year 12 with a whole year group event.

Our university and careers day, run and organised by the sixth form team, launched our university application process and apprenticeship and careers process for this year group who are soon to enter their final year in full time school education.

There was something for everyone – students worked with form tutors, discussing how to choose university courses, entry requirements and explored other aspects of student life. Our Oxbridge tutor met with some of our candidates on how to enhance a top universities application. Our proportion of students applying and gaining offers from top universities is growing annually.

Our apprenticeship and non-uni applicants experienced a day of bespoke application and interview practice – our thanks go to Business and Economics teacher, Mr Batsford, who, along with Mrs Smith and Mrs Barden, ran a careers workshop, writing CVs and covering letters as well as giving interview practice. Mr Batsford used his pre-teaching days experience in industry to give practice interviews. 

We are very grateful to the Queen Victoria Hospital for coming in and delivering an excellent  session on careers in the health and social care sector. Alison Platt, from QVH’s education department and a trained and qualified nurse, a radiographer, Jo Davis, and a speech and language therapist, Sam Hunter, talked through their career paths with students interested in HSC professions. Al Carter from Chailey Heritage gave us an inspirational talk on the valuable work done at this exceptional institutio, as well as giving students opportunities for potential work experience.

The day was made possible by the dedication of the sixth form team and the enthusiasm of our students. Thank you to all involved in the day. We will be running a follow up session on 12th July when students have the results of their year 12 progression exams.

Issy goes the distance for Parkinson’s disease

Issy goes the distance for Parkinson’s disease

Issy White is a committed member of Sackville Sixth Form. Alongside working and studying, Issy is training hard for the Brighton Marathon to raise money for Parkinson’s Awareness UK.

Like  many in our community, she experienced losing a close relative during the pandemic. She is now channelling her energy positively to raise money for this important cause. Please see the link to her GoFundMe page for further information on how to support her.

On her page Issy writes:-

Hello! I am fundraising to raise money for Parkinson’s awareness UK. This charity is close to mine and my family’s hearts following the loss of my amazing grandad in January 2021. Being a huge influence in my life, when he passed away, it was extremely painful and has left me confused and hurt as to why more couldn’t have been done to prevent this disease from taking his life. An estimated 145,000 people in the UK alone suffer from Parkinson’s disease, this number is set to rise by another 20,000 by 2030 so being able to support this charity and possibly being able to help just one person and their family would mean the world to me, knowing how painful it is to lose someone to this disease. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 

Four of the best from Gracie

Four of the best from Gracie

Congratulations to Gracie Beatty in year 9, who has just placed fifth in the Southern England Tetrathlon Team after competing in the Pony Club Junior Regional Competition in Warwickshire.

The tetrathlon is a demanding event that requires competitors to run, swim, shoot and show jump. We already know Gracie as one of the best runners in year 9, and it is no surprise she has talents in these other areas too.

A round of applause for Gracie on a fantastic experience and achievement – and well done to pony Lilly too!

7THR redesign set for National Theatre’s Peter Pan

7THR redesign set for National Theatre’s Peter Pan

We are all looking forward to ‘de-zoning’ the school after half term, but perhaps for year 7 the anticipation is keenest. Our most recent intake have been confined to the northern side of the school for all of this year. Without access to a drama space, students have been exploring other aspects of the preforming arts. Most recently classes have been investigating set design, and have had to come up with ideas for the new National Theatre production of Peter Pan.

With imaginations like these we can’t wait to see what they can achieve when they finally start to enjoy practical drama lessons in June!

Professional artist visits year 12

Professional artist visits year 12

Year 12 A level art students were treated this week to an intensive drawing workshop with artist Michelle Cioccoloni.

Before taking up her studio in East Grinstead, Michelle lived for many years in Rome and then studied at the Royal Drawing School in London.

She specialises in monochrome drawings of interior and objects, using a technique influenced by the study of the Old Masters.  

The students were encouraged to look at the world with fresh eyes and had an opportunity to handle Michelle’s sketchbooks.

Annie and Andrew Memorial Fundraising Weekend

Annie and Andrew Memorial Fundraising Weekend

The weekend of May 7th-9th sees a number of activities aiming to raise money for some permanent memorials to Annie Dilek and Andrew Smith, two wonderful students lost far too soon to cancer.

Friday saw a Sackville Staff bake-off, with some amazingly creative entries.

Judge ‘Paul Hollywood’ (who looked suspiciously like Mr Grant) gave third prize to Ms Fleming for Colin “Grown up”. There had to be some reference to caterpillar cakes after all! Second prize went to Mrs Thomson from finance, for the gorgeous cream and fruit sponge. Mrs Thomson’s daughter Jade was one of Annie’s closest friends.

First prize however went to our canteen manager Mrs Palmer for her lovely tribute to Andrew and Annie (at the bottom of the picture here).

On Saturday it is the turn of Mr Endersby to run a marathon on the south Devon coast, and over the weekend many staff are taking part in a virtual relay. Parents can support these fundraising activities on the Scopay payments page.

More details can be found in the latest edition of Sackville News. Below Mr Endersby writes about two students for whom he was head of year, and who none of us will ever forget.


Annie Dilek was a popular member of her form and year group and could always be relied upon to help with any new students that arrived in her form group. She entered into activities with enthusiasm and her glass was always half full. Annie always stood up for what she believed was right – she had a very strong sense of right and wrong. In everything she did, she always wanted to do her best. She started her A level courses in a similar fashion and would have gone on to achieve great things – she often said she wanted to be a nurse. When Annie became ill with cancer, it was no surprise that the whole of the sixth form wanted to help and support in whatever way was practical. Annie was also a warrior of martial arts and yet such a gentle giant who was such a wonderful support for her peers. Perhaps best summed up as a beautiful soul on the inside and out. 


Andrew Smith loved taking part in extra-curricular clubs and teams in both basketball and football. He was a popular member of his form group and had also volunteered at the end of Y7 to help with the transition of the Y6s who were starting in September. In the twelve months following his cancer diagnosis, despite constant treatment, he kept up with his school work and his friends. He amazed the nursing staff with his basketball skills during his stays at the University College Hospital, London. We hosted a fundraising Basketball match in the Sports Hall for Andrew to raise money for UCH. The whole of Y8 at the time were in attendance and when Andrew entered the Sports Hall with his family, a cheer that went up almost took the roof off. Andrew got involved and took some free throws from his wheelchair… which he scored … obviously!! Perhaps Andrew is best remembered as always having a smile!

Sackville students to star at Cinestock May 14th

Sackville students to star at Cinestock May 14th

As we emerge from lockdown and begin to think of restarting our cultural lives, why not try the Cinestock Open Air Drive-In Event on 14th May?

You’ll be able to see several Sackville students take the stage, including Greater than Four (year 11), Jamie Bland (year 12) and Amber T (year 12). 

The show is packed full of young, talented young Sussex-based singer/songwriters, solo acts and bands. Time to get out and see some live music again!
Only 80 car spaces available Tickets on sale now online:

Georgina and Lyra’s part in the marathon effort to vaccinate the world

Georgina and Lyra’s part in the marathon effort to vaccinate the world

Year 9 student Georgina Kane loves a challenge. Avid readers of Sackville News will remember her completing the ‘True Grit’ marathon whilst in year 7. Such organised events are still not allowed, so Georgina (left) and her friend Lyra from Lingfield College organised their own twenty-six mile walk. Raising money to assist with the delivery of the COVID vaccine in less economically developed countries, they have so far raised the staggering sum of £1200. All those miles from Crawley Down to Groombridge and back to Forest Row must seem particularly satisfying now.

This money will be disbursed by UNICEF, who are also being supported by the East Grinstead vaccine clinic.

The scientists tell us no-one is safe till everyone is safe. Well done Georgina and Lyra – you have brought that objective more than a few steps closer.

The girls’ JustGiving page is still open if you feel you wish to contribute.