Exam Results

Early analysis of 2018 exam results reveals that 2018 was once again a very successful year for Sackville. Our GCSE Progress 8 (value added) measure looks set to be in excess of 0.4 this year, meaning nearly half of all year 11 grades were above government expectations.

Detailed results are below

Attainment/Progress Summary
Measure Total %
Average Total Attainment 8 48.17
Average Total Progress 8 (schools collaboration estimate) 0.411
Pupils Included (Progress 8 Coverage) 207 92.4
Students Achieving 9-5 in English and Maths 93 41.5
Students in COHORT Achieving the EBacc (Standard Pass, grade 4s) 34 15.2
Students in COHORT Achieving the EBacc (Strong Pass, grade 5s) 22 9.8

Note that our Ebacc results are lower than normal this year because many of our year 11s completed their GCSEs in languages in 2016. These results do not count in the new Ebacc measure. Including them lifts our ‘strong pass’ percentage to 25% – well above the national average.

Our year 13 results have gained a ‘very good‘ stamp from ALPS, the respected national exams database, meaning we are in the top 30% of schools for progress between year 11 and year 13.

Our 2018 ‘raw data’ are linked below. Government confirmation of our progress data will follow in the winter.

GCSE Results 2018

GCE Results 2018

‘Level 3 value added’: see how well we have done for the last 9 years in the sixth form

Link to the government performance tables