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Official figures confirm that Sackville students make significantly above average progress in year 11 and year 13

The publication of the official government league tables has confirmed the exceptional progress made by our students this year. 

At GCSE, our ‘Progress 8’ score was 0.35 – the fifth best in the county. This score, which is the new headline measure used by the government, captures the progress made by every student between leaving primary school and sitting GCSE exams at 16. A score of 0.35 may seem low, but it means that a student at Sackville would achieve one grade higher in three or four of their best 8 GCSEs than at a typical school. Take a student who would get 2Cs and 6Ds at a typical school. At Sackville last year, this student would have got 5 or 6 Cs, and so would have been able to go on to A level study in the sixth form.

And in the Sixth Form our students have made significantly above average progress for eighth year running, according to the national ALPS database. A good fact to bear in mind when choosing where to study after GCSE! The latest ‘Level 3 Value Added‘ data for the school confirms this, with one in four results being a grade higher than they would have been in an average school.

All of this is great testament to the hard work of students, staff and parents in the Sackville Community.

GCSE Results 2016

GCE Results 2016

‘Level 3 value added’: see how well we have done for the last 8 years in the sixth form

Link to the government performance tables