Y12 Performing Arts

Year 12s (and the odd 13) dazzle with interpretations of Wilde and Kafka

Congratulations to our wonderful year 12 performing arts students, who have worked tirelessly this term on two pieces of interpretative work, based on Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest and Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

Though these are well known texts, the students’ work took an original slant, with the audience spellbound throughout.

We always say this, but the performinag arts are alive and well at Sackville!

Pictured here (left to right) are Dan Bowdery, Amber Davies, Sophie Charman, Jack Charlton Nevitt, Oliver Howland (year 13), Alex Flude, Aislinn Goss and Maddie Wrigley.

Year 9s enjoy Christmas festivities in Germany

Year 9s enjoy Christmas festivities in Germany

Our year 9 students are spending the last weekend of term in Germany enjoying that country’s incomparable Christmas festivities.

The students are away till Wednesday December 18th. An action packed trip of course involves plenty of classroom based activities, but the bulk of each day is spent on excursions.

These include a visit to the Christmas markets in Aachen, shopping visits to various Christmas markets in Cologne, an introduction to the history of chocolate at the must visit Chocolate museum with its freestanding chocolate fountain, and a tour of the magnificent Kölner Dom that survived much of the Allied bombing during the Second World War.

Students will also have the opportunity to spend the day at the Phantasialand theme park; another popular tourist destination.

Top of the Bench 2019

Sackville students are (nearly) ‘top of the bench’

Each year we send a selection of our top chemists to the national Top of the Bench competition. This year Tom Salter and Grace Kolter (year 9) Matthew Botten (year 10, pictured) and Sophie Taylor (year 11, pictured) represented Sackville.

The students are really put through their paces in this competition, with a practical section followed by some seriously testing multiple choice questions. We didn’t quite make the top two, who go through to the next round, but our competitors were strongly commended.

Well done to our team and thank-you to Mr Groves and Mr Langford for organising the trip.

Treya wins resilience award

Treya wins British Dyslexia Society resilience award

Huge congratulations to year 13 student Treya Lufu (pictured on the left here) who was presented with the Cadogan Award for Resilience from the British Dyslexia Association, at a prestigious awrds dinner at Twickenham rugby stadium. 

Treya shared a table with ex Wales rugby international Lee Byrne who was able to talk about his experiences of being dyslexic. He also mentioned how nervous he was about having to speak in front of the large audience. Hearing such a successful person as Lee saying this gave Treya the courage she needed when it was her turn to address the 170 people present. During her speech Treya confidently talked about her journey through school, and thanked the teachers who helped her.

Finally she says “If you have dyslexia, you are not dumb – it’s a gift! You are smart, just in a different way.”

Well done Treya – if anyone ever deserved this award it is you.

Year 8 Fayre and Celebration

Year 8s host fantastic Christmas fayre

Friday December 13th was a big day for our year 8 students.

Having enjoyed their Christmas dinner the day before, those students with the strongest ‘attitude to learning‘ were treated to a breakfast of pastries and hot chocolate under the new school canopy.

The whole year group were then involved in the Christmas Fayre in the D-Block hall at lunchtime. A wide variety of original fundraising ideas was on display, and the students were able to have a huge amount of fun as well as raise more than £150 for Friends of Lindi, a charity to support a school in Tanzania.

Thanks to all of the year 8 students for entering into the spirit of the day so wholeheartedly, and to Mr Thompson and Mrs Farrant for co-ordinating the event.

Christmas at Sackville

Christmas celebrations at Sackville

The end of term is approaching fast and the first Christmas events are happening. As well as celebratory end of term assemblies, Thursday 12th December saw our first Christmas dinner. The canteen was packed with year 7 and 8s who enjoyed not just a fantastic spread of food, but also great entertainment from some of our super-talented musicians. 

It’s the turn of our year 9s, 10s and 11s on Friday 13th and our sixth formers next week.

Next week also of course sees our school carol service on Wednesday and our celebration assemblies on the Friday. 

Sackville mock election

Sackville’s election results in hung parliament

Sackville students took part in their mock election on Wednesday 11th December, to avoid clashing with the first installment of the school Christmas dinner.

The votes were counted on election day by our year 13 politics students – and the results were very close. The Conservatives won three year groups (9, 10 and 11), the Greens won two (7 and the sixth form), and the Liberal Democrats won in year 8.

Overall the Conservatives won the largest share of the votes, 26.6%, followed by the Liberal Democrats on 25.5% and the Greens and Labour tied on 23.9%.

Thank-you to all of the students who voted, and to Mr Morris and Ms Vance for organising the ballot.

Year 7s celebrate their first term at Sackville

Year 7s celebrate their first term at Sackville

We were delighted to welcome a large number of parents and carers to our two year 7 end of term celebration assemblies on Monday and Tuesday 10th and 11th December.

Students were rewarded for their efforts in their first term at Sackville. Each tutor group also took it in turn to present their own view of how the first term had gone.

We think this year 7 has made an outstanding start to their life at secondary school, and are looking forward to working with them over the next few years.

Sackville hosts first ever student leadership conference

Sackville hosts first ever student leadership conference

On Tuesday December 10th, Sackville hosted the inauguaral student leadership conference for the ‘soft federation’ of schools. We were delighted to invite delegates from Downlands and Imberhorne schools.

The delegates took time discussing what makes a good leader, and who in today’s world they view as exceptional leaders. Each school then went on to present the work of their student council, junior leadership team and focus groups.

There was then time for discussion and the sharing ideas about student leadership could be improved in each school. The group agreed to meet again next year to see how their ideas are progressing. Mr Endersby who organised the event said ‘It was a real pleasure to work with such inspirational and confident young people who really are the future leaders of our communities.’

Thank you to Mrs Pritchard (Imberhorne) and Mrs Cutress (Downlands) for bringing their students over.

Success for 7MTE in Sports Hall Athletics

Success for 7MTE in Sports Hall Athletics

Thank-you to our year 7s for competing so well in the sports hall athletics interform over Monday and Tuesday 10th and 11th December.

Each half of the year competed whilst the other half was in the end of term celebration assembly.

After two days of competition, the winners were 7MTE with 7SKN as runners up. 

Well done to all of the competitors, and a special thanks to our great year 10 sports leaders (pictured) who made the competition happen.