Michael Leppard

Michael Leppard

Michael Leppard, long-time Sackville teacher and mainstay of our Religious Studies department, sadly passed away at the start of September.

Michael joined the school in the mid-seventies as a ‘master of divinity’ and taught an entire generation of students from his base in A11.

He retired from Sackville in 1996 and went on to enjoy a long and very active third age. A prodigious walker, he used two feet to travel everywhere, and could still be seen on foot around town this summer. Often his walks would bring him into school with some lesson materials for ex-colleagues, or to give an assembly to the sixth-form.

A large part of his retirement was spent promoting the cause of the town museum (in which he is pictured here). Securing the new premises and the loan of a number of artefacts telling the story of the ‘guinea-pigs’ was greatly assisted by his learned persistence.

He will be missed by the entire East Grinstead community.