Sackville Celebrates!

Sackville Celebrates another year of fantastic Level 3 results

Sackville students are celebrating another high quality set of A level and level 3 vocational exam results this morning following an amazing ten consecutive years of our ‘value added’ progress score for the sixth form being positive.

No fewer than 20 students achieved an A* or A grade in maths alone which was outstanding.

This year saw the introduction of the new, very demanding A level qualifications as well as examinations in Btec subjects. The students have coped remarkably well with this challenge and it is testament to the staff who prepared them thoroughly.

Top achievers included Savya Aggarwal, Oliver Blackman, Finn Purdy and Alistair Smith who all achieved straight A/A*s, closely followed by Najwa Agmin, Matthew Cook, Andrew Huggett, Charlie Main, Sam Pelosi, Liam Rieley, Chloe Robinson, Christopher Stuart and Cameron Toogood who achieved two A/A*s and a B.

Other students deserve congratulation for the progress made above what was expected from GCSE. Our top value-added performers include Sam Pelosi, Jimmy Warwick, Ben Woodcock, Cameron Toogood, Jordi Crowther, Amy Collins, Alyx Mitchell, Sophia Ody and Danny Vater.

Such strong results have led to great success in securing first choice university and apprenticeship places.

Headteacher Julian Grant commented:

“I would like to congratulate all students, staff and parents for the hard work and dedication that made these fantastic results possible. Well done to the Sackville community!”

Sky, World Challenge

The challenges continue for our sixth formers

School may be out for the summer, but for our sixth formers life as part of the Sackville community continues. First up, congatulations to Sky Bollom, who has ‘braved the shave‘ in support of McMillan Cancer Support. As you can see, there was a lot to shave, and the £150 raised was well-earned!

On Sunday 29th July, our year 12 world challengers departed for four weeks in Nepal. After two years of fundraising for a trip to Central America, the trip was rescheduled to Nepal due to the current political situation in Nicaragua.

Once in Nepal, after a familiarisation phase, the team will work in a school in the Kathmandu Valley. Upon completion of the project phase, the students head west to Pokhara to undertake a trek lasting more than a week in the Annapurna region (where the worst of the monsoon can be avoided).

This group are the second from Sackville to visit Nepal this year, and we know that they are in for a life-changing experience in this amazing country. More updates to follow if possible!

Matt Rieley

James Young a worthy recipient of the Matt Rieley Award

This year’s Matt Rieley Memorial Award has been presented to James Young from year 10. The award commemorates Matt, an exceptional student and member of staff at Sackville who sadly passed away two years ago. Matt was an enthusiast, a diligent student and colleague and someone who gave his all for the Sackville community

His award is given each year to the member of year 10 who most embodies those values. James is a very fitting recipient, who has never failed to step forward when a volunteer is needed, has supported younger students, and is a key member of our sports teams. He is pictured here receiving a trophy from Matt’s father in our final assembly of the year.

Well done to James, and thank-you Mr Rieley for sparing the time to come in and be with us for our last day.

Ofsted conference

OfSted conference at Sackville

On Friday 20th July we were honoured to host a regional conference for Ofsted inspectors. Our sixth form study area was skilfully transformed into a conference venue with the help of our IT support team. A lunch that would have graced any London hotel was prepared by our marvellous canteen staff, and waiting and reception duties were expertly carried out by our head team and members of our year 10 Takeover Day students.

Nathan Randall opening the conference

These year 10 students had applied to take on the role of one of the members of school staff for the day. Nathan Randall was lucky enough to introduce the conference and brief the delegates on the day’s domestic arrangements – a daunting task in front of so many senior members of Ofsted.

A wide selection of the work of Sackville students was presented for scrutiny by the inspectors, and our curriculum team leaders were able to join the session during which this work was examined.

Earlier in the day visitors enjoyed a presentation on our own curriculum from Mr Street, Mrs Valentine and Mrs Nibloe.

We know our staff will have learned a lot from being part of these sessions. We feel sure the Ofsted team in turn will have learned about the quality of the students who we are lucky to teach, and the fantastic work they produce.

CEW 2018

Curriculum Enhancement Week 2018


The final full week of term is once again our curriculum enhancement week, which has been meticulously planned by a number of key staff over the course of the year.

Each year group has their sports day and interform this week. Years 7-9 have their annual STEM day as well. Year 7s look at rockets and space, year 8s disaster recovery and year 9s the science behind elite sport.

There is also a significant spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC) input this week. Year 10s look at their future careers, which included applying to do the jobs of many school staff during Takeover Day on Friday 20th. Year 9 have their diversity day, year 8 look at health and wellbeing and year 7 at fair trade.

Years 7-10 also enjoy outdoor and adventurous education, either at Blackland Farm, Ardingly Watersports or Team Dynamics. Year 10s fit in a number of visits, including to either Sussex University or Plumpton College, and either Bletchley Park or the London Museums.

Year 12s are on work experience all week.

All-in-all more action than in an Incredibles movie.

Tuesday also saw our music trip for all years depart for the Italian Lakes. You can see the rock stars making their way across to the plane in one of the slideshow images. All of the kit has been driven overland by Mr Forsyth.

We know from EGGSFEST that the Italians are in for a treat – which we are sure will be repaid by first rate pizza.

Y10 Geography Field Trip

Year 10 geographers on intense field trip weekend

Our year 10 geographers left East Grinstead early on Friday July 13 for an intensive two days in Wales. The main focus of the journey is to study how rivers form and develop.

Friday’s journey was punctuated with a visit to the limestone caves around Ystradfellte, and Saturday’s task saw students enjoying the warm Welsh weather as they paddled around in the River Taff.

Some R and R on the beach was also possible, before further classroom sessions in the evening.

A careful inspection of the slideshow will reveal Mr Latus in his trademark yellow jacket and boots!

Y7, 8 and 9 Performances

The performing arts are alive and well at Sackville!

You may occasionally hear news items about how the pressure of the ‘Ebacc academic’ subjects is squeezing out the creative and performing arts at schools. We are glad to say that is emphatically not the case at Sackville.

On Thursday July 12th our year 8 drama club put on a demanding performance of Willy Russell’s ‘Our Day Out‘. This was a challenging piece to choose with a lot of dialogue to memorise, but the team carried it off with panache and a strong sense of comic timing. They only have an hour on Mondays after school to do this, and the quality of the drama was testament to their efforts and the organising power of Mrs Carrick.

This was followed by our year 9 performing arts students’ interpretation of Jason Robert Brown’s musical ‘13‘, about the perennial themes of friendship and coming of age. Smooth multi-rolling allowed everyone to have a large part, and the standard was astonishing for such a young cast. Thank you to Ms Warran for her work in directing this superb show.

Friday saw the turn of the Year 7 Drama Club, who performed a hilarious version of Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘. Long a children’s favourite, this interpretation was particularly enriched by the comedic abilities these young performers showed. Overall it was a great perfromance from the whole cast. We’d like to thank year 12 student Melissa Turner for giving up so many evenings to direct the piece. Well done to everyone involved!

As Mrs Beasley returns from maternity leave, and we gear up for another spectacular show next spring (can’t wait already!), it’s safe to say the performing arts are in rude health here at Sackville!


We were almost literally walking on sunshine – EGGSFEST V a huge success


Our fifth EGGSFEST may well have been the best yet. For the many parents present the sight and sound of the young people from so many of the local primary schools singing songs such as ‘It Must Be Love’, ‘Somebody to Love‘ and of course ‘Walking on Sunshine‘ was enough to bring a tear to the eye. The work done in preparation for the concert in all of the participating schools fulsomely paid off.

A special moment for the Sackville community was when Mrs Joslin was invited to the stage to present her annual award for contributions to music to Tia Bartlett, who had earlier sung ‘Never Going to Give You Up‘, the quintessential 80s song for the 80s themed evening. A richly deserved recognition of all of the ways Tia has supported the performing arts over the last seven years.

Thanks to all of those in so many schools who made the evening such a special one, and thank-you to all of those who attended. 

Midsummer Night’s Theme

A Midsummer Night’s Theme

Thank you to Stanley, Mya, Hannah, Zoe and Olivia for this write-up!

On Thursday 5th of July 2018 Ms Wernham’s English class 7M2C, walked into their lesson as normal. As they walked into the room they had a sudden shock: all the tables and chairs were around the outside of the room. We then got told that we were going to be acting out the important parts of the Shakespeare play we have been studying called ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, in only one hour!

Some of the scenes from the lesson

On the tables were costumes; some were fairies, some were human. Everyone had a different character to be and costumes to match the character they were playing. There were 21 different characters in total. However, the four main characters were Helena, Hermia, Lysander and Demetrius. We were given the opportunity to play the character we wished to play.

After this we put our costumes on. We all stared at Javier with his curly blonde Helena wig. As we acted out the first scene Theseus gives Hermia three choices which are: listen to her father and marry Demetrius, to become a Nun or be put to death! However, Hermia decides to run away to the forest with her true love, Lysander.

In the second scene in the forest Titania (the Queen of the fairies) is having an argument with Oberon (King of the fairies). The reason for this argument is because Titania has stolen a human boy, but Oberon wants the boy for himself, to be his servant. Their argument is affecting the weather for the humans and causing the crops to die.

A funny moment later on in the play was when Stanley and the fairies had to dance Titania to sleep, with their feather dusters and feather fans. Later on Titania is shocked to find out she was tricked by Oberon and Puck and made to fall in love with a donkey! The play ended with Hermia and Lysander, Helena and Demetrius and Theseus and Hippolyta getting married. A group of workers called the Mechanicals perform the play that they have been rehearsing for the wedding, which is terrible and Puck tells the audience it might have all been a dream.

Once we had finished acting out the play, Ms Wernham wanted to take pictures of the key moments, some of these were: Titania and Oberon fighting over the human boy, fairies dancing Titania to sleep, a fight between the Helena and Hermia and Lysander and Demetrius and the weddings at the end. We got into freeze frames to show these important moments in the play. All in all it was a really fun lesson because it involved everyone.

D of E 2018 July

Fantastic year 10s show real resilience during extreme Duke of Edinburgh weekend

Thirty four of our year 10s showed what they are made of this weekend in their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh assessment expedition. As the mercury crept ever higher, the students battled with rucksacks containing all they needed for the two days, with lots of extra water of course.

Starting in Bishopstone and Norton, the students had immediately to walk steeply over the South Downs, before flatter terrain led to the welcome respite of the camp site at Wick Street Farm. Here there was a convivial atmosphere as the expeditioners prepared their evening meals whilst listening to the commentary of the England- Sweden game (radios were a special dispensation for this particular day!). 

Sunday saw early starts to avoid the worst of the day’s heat as the teams made their ways north to finish near Halland. Some difficult navigation was demanded by the deteriorating state of some of the paths, but the main challenge remained the heat. Mr Latus did his best to alleviate the impact of this by driving his portable freezer full of ice lollies to each of the checkpoints.

Well done to this exceptional group of young people. You didn’t give in today; you won’t give in at anything. A special thanks to Mr Langford for his tireless work making the expeditions work.