Economics trip

Soft or hard Brexit? More or less austerity?

Difficult questions, but ones which our year 12 economists are better prepared to answer after a visit to a conference in London on Monday December 12th.

Speakers included John Redwood, Vince Cable, economist Jonathan Portes and Tim Harford. Perfect preparation for a political discussion this Christmas!

Pictured here are Mutsa Dhliwayo and Chris Oglethorpe with Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, and Minster of Business, Innovation and Skills from 2010-2015.

Drama students are outstanding

Another amazing performance from our drama students

Our A2 drama students scripted pieces were performed in front of a live audience on Friday 8 December. The standards are so high each year that we have come to expect perfection – and that is what we got!

First up was an intense and immersive duologue from Tony Kushner’s ‘Angels in America‘, a play written and set in the USA at the start of AIDS hysteria in the 1980s. Alex Mustard and Imogen Fraser had the audience captive within seconds of the start of their compelling performance. The raw emotion portrayed by these young actors was extraordinary. We would have happily watched the entire eight hours of this play with performances such as these.

This was followed by a hilarious interpretation of part of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream‘, which went way beyond the humour already written into Shakespeare’s comic masterpiece. Nathan Callis, Elise Flude, Tom Axtell, Rhys Harmour, Daniel Wheate and Kimi Brockley-Hatch gave high-octane performances in the style of the Knee-High Theatre Company, showing the hilarious consequences of getting a love charm wrong.

We are looking forward to the devised pieces these groups produce next summer. Well done and thanks for an evening of fantastic entertainment!

A special thanks too to Mrs Carrick, Mrs Newman, Mrs Warran and Mr Taylor for getting the students so well-prepared. Mrs Beasley would have been very proud this evening.


Christmas Trees are up!

The Christmas season begins at Sackville

As the long autumn term draws to its end, signs of Christmas are beginning to appear at Sackville. Many are looking forward to the school Christmas lunch on Friday 15th, and the Carol Service at St Swithun’s at 6.30pm on Tuesday 19th. And year 11s are of course anticipating their mock results ceremony on the same day.

Christmas trees have been up since the start of December. Each year Graham Keenor generously gives a number of trees for the school. One is up in Reception, one in the canteen and one in front of the school. The trees help us remember Graham’s late son Paul who tragically died in a road accident in 2015.

The tree in Reception in the photo was surrounded with gifts from the school for the East Grinstead Food Bank this Christmas, which have been donated by students.

On Friday 8th these gifts were taken to the East Grinstead Foodbank by Mr Elsdon with students Aaron Hodson and Reuben Reynolds.


Public Speaking November 2017

Sackville Success at English Speaking Union Debate

On Wednesday 29th November, Mrs Stuart was very proud to escort our debate team to the English Speaking Union debate SE competition at Ardingly College. Since September, the ‘Sackville Speak Out’ debate and public speaking team has been preparing for both the Rotary public speaking competition and the ESU South East debate competition.

We had to oppose the motion This house believes that all elected politicians should be paid the median wage.

Aminah Rahman and Isabelle Goddard (pictured) were selected as our speakers for the evening debate. Lily Kendrick, Imogen Gaines and Alex Cumpatescu all came along to support, having made great contributions to the research and arguments.

I am delighted to say that on the night, Aminah and Isabelle were astoundingly good and we won our debate and are through to the next round of the prestigious competition. The level of debate and argument was very high and Sackville should be very proud being only state school to have progressed from the local area.

W/b Nov 27 2017

The term draws on but there is no let up in the pace at Sackville!

Another typically busy week for Sackville students, which for our trampolinists began on Sunday. Heidi and Jordi Crowther, Sofia Davis and Oscar Morgan put in some formidable performances at the South East Schools’ Competition. Oscar won the U14 Intermediate category, whilst in the U19 Intermediate Jordi placed 2nd and Sofia 4th. In the Elite U19 Heidi was first overall, with the top score of all 215 performers on the day (including the male Elite competitors).

Followers of Sackville on Twitter will have noticed the Queen Victoria Hospital in town mentioning our health and social care students in a tweet about careers in the health service. Lovely to see ex-student Rebecca Low as one of the presenters too!

Meanwhile, our PiXL Edge programme develops apace. PiXL Edge is an award which allows students to demonstrate their leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and character, characteristics in much demand in the workplace. There are seven levels that students can work through during their school career, and we are delighted to announce that Kit O’Callaghan has achieved the second highest, ‘graduate status. The photo shows Kit with his tutor Mrs Grace and Headteacher Mr Grant. 

Finally, Wednesday 29th November saw the first round of the Rotary Young Chef Competition, with four competitors from Sackville (Harriet Allison, Megan Stratford, Maisie Barnes and Kieran Du Feu) joined by two from Imberhorne. After exhaustive tasting, Maisie was judged the winner and Megan runner-up. Both girls progress to the next round.

Well done to all of these amazing students!

Christmas lights

Christmas really begins when the lights go on … 

Thank you to our junior choir for their help in the annual Christmas light ceremony in town on Saturday November 25th. The event would not be complete without the contribution of our young singers, this year so skillfully led by year 13 student Tia Bartlett.

Forget Black Friday or Cyber Monday – the real start of Christmas is when the lights go on in East Grinstead!

It’s been a busy week for our musicians after the spectacular Winter Concert on Wednesday (see below), which we now know raised over £300 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.


Travel and Tourism Bowling Nov 2017

These teachers, it turns out, can still teach the youngsters a thing or two …

On Friday 24th November our year 13 travel students organised a Mexican themed bowling evening in Crawley. The evening began with a students vs staff fixture in the Hollywood Bowl. We hope for the students’ sake that the losers did not have to pay for the meal that followed! These are non-alcoholic ‘mocktails’ by the way.

Take on the geography teachers at your peril …

Stars in our schools

Thank you to our fantastic support staff

Where would we be without this amazing group of people? Sackville school is built upon your efforts. Thank-you. 

Winter Concert

A fantastic range of musical talent at the Winter Concert

Our Winter Concert is always a tonic for the seasonal blues, and this year’s was no exception. So much talent was on display, and it was particularly nice to see our new year 7s involved, as well as so many ‘old friends’.

One of our parents, Ian Titchener tweeted

A veritable cornucopia of musical delights 2017 this evening. It’s so nice to see so many smiling faces performing on stage and fantastic for a school to give priority to music rather than an afterthought. Special mention to Mr Heatley.”

We’d certainly agree with every sentiment expressed there. Some tired students tonight for sure – and a special thanks to Mr Heatley, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Hall and Mrs Thompson for preparing the musicians, and to Mr Taylor, Mr Forsyth and Mr Lewis for their limitless technical support.

Duke of Edinburgh

Year 11s amuse and entertain with their Duke of Edinburgh presentations

Congratulations to our year 11 Duke of Edinburgh students for their witty and entertaining presentations on last summer’s expeditions. A variety of presentation and videos were shown which showed how much each of the students gained from the experience. 

A special thanks to Mrs Rawsthorne and Mr Langford for the tireless organisation!