Nepal 2018

Team Nepal 2018

Team Nepal 2018 depart for their two-week trip on Thursday 29th March. Spending some time in Kathmandu and Pokhara first, the students then walk into their project in Singdi where they will spend five days working with the Pahar Trust, which seeks to develop schools in western Nepal. 

After the project, the team trek through the hills for four days, staying at tea houses and hoping to get a view of the Annapurna Sanctuary.

A day’s R and R back in Kathmandu precedes the flight home.

You can follow the team’s exploits on Twitter at @Sackville_EG and on Instagram @sackvillegeography. You can also track the team on satellite here!

Reading Week kicks off with a bang

Reading Week kicks off with a bang

Reading Week has truly kicked off with a bang (and many somersaults) this year, in the shape of author and motivational speaker Marcus Alexander.

Marcus enjoyed spending an action-packed day with students from years 7, 8 and 9, affirming the importance of reading, promoting creative writing skills, and showcasing both his popular range of fantasy books – the ‘Keeper of the Realms’ series – and his amazing acrobatic skills!

After providing two talks for years 7 and 8 earlier in the day, Marcus was then positively mobbed by students seeking selfies and autographs in the LRC at lunchtime. 

During two creative writing workshops with a small group of students, Marcus encouraged these budding writers to work on their characterisation skills and write an action-packed chase sequence for one of his characters from the ‘Keeper of the Realms’ series. Using a parkour performance from Marcus as a stimulus, year 8 Charlie Snashfold wrote the outstanding piece below. Well done to Charlie and all our other top writers!

The Chase

The wind slashed at his face and grabbed at his clothes as he ran for his life. Jensen de Willow was on the run once again. His blood ferociously coursed through his veins as he dodged in between the confused civilians, sending a few tumbling as he passed. Smells of delicious food flooded his nostrils and reminded him of home and what he was fighting for. Flashes of jewellery and delicious exotic meats mixed with produce from Ghalgron rushed past him. He spared a glance back at his enemy, who was making ground with each step. The bison like creature pounded its hooves on the cobble and stared down Jensen with fiery orange eyes. Its veins pulsed madly beneath the coal black fur. As the bridge came into sight, the colossal hellion bellowed a sound so chilling and painful that it could only be described as hellish. Panicked, Jensen fumbled for his notorious thorn gun, and shot wildly as he made one final dash for the bridge. Cobble changed to wood, and sounds of rushing water filled his large, pointy ears. A gap in the bridge slowly formed. He faltered, hesitated, and finally jumped.


‘One Man Two Guvnors’ a hilarious success

Sackville’s annual school show took a new direction this year, as our sixth form presented an extremely funny performance of ‘One Man, Two Guvnors‘. This play by Richard Bean is an English adaptation of Servant of Two Masters a 1743 Commedia dell’arte style comedy play by the Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni.

Francis Henshall spends the first act in a state of such extreme hunger that he is driven to take on two jobs in order to earn enough to ‘eat every day’. Unfortunately for Francis, his intellectual powers are no match for his appetite, and he proceeds through act one in a state of increasing confusion as he tries to keep from each of his ‘guvnors’ that he is also working for someone else.

The second act sees him finally having eaten, but now pursuing love in an equally farcical manner.

Dan Wheate, playing Francis, held centre stage with perfect comic timing. He was supported by superb performances from the rest of the cast, many veterans of several Sackville shows. 

There was also audience involvement, with Dan at one point seeking the muscular help of Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher Julian Grant and Neil Feist to move a particularly heavy trunk.

A hugely enjoyable evening, and a fitting final performance of many of our year 13s.


Crest Award

The ‘two Lukes’ making a noise at the Big Bang in Birmingham

Luke Davison and Luke Waddell are currently representing Sackville in the National Finals of the Big Bang UK Young Scientist and Engineers Competition, held as part of the Big Bang Fair at the NEC.

They earned a place after claiming the runners up prize at the regional event in June. The two year 10 boys are being judged on their project “investigating resonance and its implications” by a panel of expert judges, along with around 200 other entries.

They will also meet science and engineering professionals from major UK and global organisations. Best of luck, boys!

Modelling rainfall with Play-Doh

Modelling rainfall with Play-Doh

Year 7 geography students have been busy studying the weather this half term – and there has been plenty of it! Mrs Tingley has encouraged them to understand the three different types of rainfall by modelling them with Play-Doh. Those rainfall types are relief, convection and frontal. Well done year 7s!

Photography trip and sports leaders

Back to business at Sackville

Last week thankfully saw the school return to normality after the excitement and disruption of the snow week. On Tuesday the year 12 geography field trip returned after three hectic days in Wales. 

On Wednesday, our photography students were out and about in London, as Mrs Buckley writes.

‘Despite a rainy start, the annual sixth form Photography trip to London provided much material for the upcoming exams. After shooting around the Shard, Borough Market and the Thames, the group made an in depth study of work by internationally renowned photographer Andreas Gursky. Students maintained their energy levels well into the afternoon and completed the Sackville Photographers’ Quiz around Tate Modern. If you saw a masked young man standing in the skater park under the Southbank centre on a Wednesday, that was Elliott Beatty modelling for a shoot!’

Thursday saw our excellent year 10 sports leaders spent the day leading County finals sports hall athletics finals. They worked really hard in both the primary event in the morning and the secondary event in the afternoon. They showed real maturity and professionalism, gaining special mention from the county organiser. Well done! 


Geography Y12 Fieldtrip 2018

She can erode sand dunes, but Emma can’t stop our geographers

Well, she can hold them back perhaps: after a delay of 24 hours, our intrepid year 12 geographers headed out on an eerily quiet motorway system to Pembrokeshire for their A level field trip.

The impact of Storm Emma became clear as soon as the Severn was crossed. Around Cardiff the snowdrifts were pristine ocean liners at anchor on the hard shoulder.

An extra driver went with the team to Port Talbot, and headed back to London on a train which had to stop frequenly to wait for the track to be dug out of the snow in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Students undertook some human geography fieldwork in Port Talbot, looking at the impact of globalisation on what is essentially a single-industry town. The following morning the team headed off to the beaches around Tenby to find fresh erosion that had resulted from the recent storm surges and spring tides. Here they undertake a decision making exercise about coastal defences.

An action packed time ahead, as students try to make up for the day lost on Friday. Thanks to Mr Gerretsen, Ms McCaffrey, Mr Latus and Mr Johnson for braving the cold with our students!


February Snow

What a week!

Huge thanks to everyone for all your support and understanding during this challenging weather. The response of the whole school community has been absolutely brilliant and I am so proud of the year 11s for their resilient approach to the mock exams. 

Together We Achieve – and actually share some real enjoyment along the way!

You are all ‘the best’.

Julian Grant

Berlin 2018

Year 10s in Berlin

Year 10s may have escaped the British weather, but though there is no snow in Berlin it is 12 degrees below freezing.

This has not dampened students’ interest in this fascinating city. They have visited the Brandenburg Gate, a key crossing between the east and west of the city during the cold war, as well as the 1936 Olympic Stadium. Both of these are pictured here.

The visit also takes in other iconic Berlin landmarks such as Checkpoint Charlie and the Bundestag. Students will also visit the Holocaust Memorial and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial.

All in all this is a trip that brings history vividly to life and the students will return with fresh perspectives on the story of the twentieth century.


Welcome to our new year 6 intake

Welcome to our new year 6 intake

We would like to welcome to our community all of those students who have been offered a place at Sackville for September 2018. We are greatly looking forward to working with you and your families over the next seven years. We are heavily oversubscribed this year which is a marvellous vote of confidence in the school. Of course alongside this we are aware that there may be some disappointed families, but there is often some movement between now and September.

Don’t forget if you want to keep abreast of what is going on at the school you can find our regular newsletters here.