We were almost literally walking on sunshine – EGGSFEST V a huge success


Our fifth EGGSFEST may well have been the best yet. For the many parents present the sight and sound of the young people from so many of the local primary schools singing songs such as ‘It Must Be Love’, ‘Somebody to Love‘ and of course ‘Walking on Sunshine‘ was enough to bring a tear to the eye. The work done in preparation for the concert in all of the participating schools fulsomely paid off.

A special moment for the Sackville community was when Mrs Joslin was invited to the stage to present her annual award for contributions to music to Tia Bartlett, who had earlier sung ‘Never Going to Give You Up‘, the quintessential 80s song for the 80s themed evening. A richly deserved recognition of all of the ways Tia has supported the performing arts over the last seven years.

Thanks to all of those in so many schools who made the evening such a special one, and thank-you to all of those who attended. 

Midsummer Night’s Theme

A Midsummer Night’s Theme

Thank you to Stanley, Mya, Hannah, Zoe and Olivia for this write-up!

On Thursday 5th of July 2018 Ms Wernham’s English class 7M2C, walked into their lesson as normal. As they walked into the room they had a sudden shock: all the tables and chairs were around the outside of the room. We then got told that we were going to be acting out the important parts of the Shakespeare play we have been studying called ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, in only one hour!

Some of the scenes from the lesson

On the tables were costumes; some were fairies, some were human. Everyone had a different character to be and costumes to match the character they were playing. There were 21 different characters in total. However, the four main characters were Helena, Hermia, Lysander and Demetrius. We were given the opportunity to play the character we wished to play.

After this we put our costumes on. We all stared at Javier with his curly blonde Helena wig. As we acted out the first scene Theseus gives Hermia three choices which are: listen to her father and marry Demetrius, to become a Nun or be put to death! However, Hermia decides to run away to the forest with her true love, Lysander.

In the second scene in the forest Titania (the Queen of the fairies) is having an argument with Oberon (King of the fairies). The reason for this argument is because Titania has stolen a human boy, but Oberon wants the boy for himself, to be his servant. Their argument is affecting the weather for the humans and causing the crops to die.

A funny moment later on in the play was when Stanley and the fairies had to dance Titania to sleep, with their feather dusters and feather fans. Later on Titania is shocked to find out she was tricked by Oberon and Puck and made to fall in love with a donkey! The play ended with Hermia and Lysander, Helena and Demetrius and Theseus and Hippolyta getting married. A group of workers called the Mechanicals perform the play that they have been rehearsing for the wedding, which is terrible and Puck tells the audience it might have all been a dream.

Once we had finished acting out the play, Ms Wernham wanted to take pictures of the key moments, some of these were: Titania and Oberon fighting over the human boy, fairies dancing Titania to sleep, a fight between the Helena and Hermia and Lysander and Demetrius and the weddings at the end. We got into freeze frames to show these important moments in the play. All in all it was a really fun lesson because it involved everyone.

D of E 2018 July

Fantastic year 10s show real resilience during extreme Duke of Edinburgh weekend

Thirty four of our year 10s showed what they are made of this weekend in their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh assessment expedition. As the mercury crept ever higher, the students battled with rucksacks containing all they needed for the two days, with lots of extra water of course.

Starting in Bishopstone and Norton, the students had immediately to walk steeply over the South Downs, before flatter terrain led to the welcome respite of the camp site at Wick Street Farm. Here there was a convivial atmosphere as the expeditioners prepared their evening meals whilst listening to the commentary of the England- Sweden game (radios were a special dispensation for this particular day!). 

Sunday saw early starts to avoid the worst of the day’s heat as the teams made their ways north to finish near Halland. Some difficult navigation was demanded by the deteriorating state of some of the paths, but the main challenge remained the heat. Mr Latus did his best to alleviate the impact of this by driving his portable freezer full of ice lollies to each of the checkpoints.

Well done to this exceptional group of young people. You didn’t give in today; you won’t give in at anything. A special thanks to Mr Langford for his tireless work making the expeditions work.

Y6 transition and INSET

So much in just one week … 

The students might only have been in for four days, but the first week in July had enough action for a fortnight. 

Our staff enjoyed their final INSET day of the year.  This began with each of our ten teaching and learning groups presenting the results of their research this year. We had input about engaging boys, motivation, Bloom’s taxonomy, PiXL Edge and more. We know this will have an impact on our classroom practice over the coming years.

The day after saw our new year 6s arrive for their three-day induction programme. 270 youngsters running around the school certainly enlivened our community, no more so than during their treasure hunt on the last day. 

Our year 8 buddies were exemplary over these three days, and made sure that our new generation were welcomed in the Sackville way. 

A definite highlight was the year 9 performance of part of the musical ‘13 to the year 6s, who applauded the polished professionalism of the piece. Our year 9s are certainly stars in the making, and who knows what talent there is in year 6?

As these students left at the end of Friday, the year 8s made a guard of honour for the youngsters as they made their tired way to their parents at the end of an exhausting but exhilarating three days. 

Many staff put in a lot of work to make these transition days work, but we would like to thank especially our transition coordinator Mrs Brown, pastoral support assistant Mrs Farrant and year leader Mr Thompson.

We’d also like to acknowledge the dedication of one of our year 8 students, Isaac Kilpatrick-Harrap, who spent the INSET day volunteering at Chailey Heritage School, helping some very seriously disabled young children to have PE sessions on adapted bikes and supporting them in a craft session too. Well done Isaac – you are a credit to Sackville.

Welcome to our new year 6 students

Welcome to our new year 6 students!

Our new year 6 students at their assembly after a great first day in school

Welcome to our new year 6 students! We are looking forward to working with you over the next seven years.

International Rescue Drone Competition

Sackville success in International Rescue Drone Competition

Or Shay, Arthur Bridgland and Oliver Roberts have come second in the International Rescue Drone Competition, just missing out on the chance to compete in the international final against the winning school from China.

Students were set a challenges based on the work of an international rescue organisation, which goes to places that have suffered a natural disaster and provides support for the emergency services.

Participants had to demonstrate how a drone could help in a disaster situation by travelling to areas beyond the reach of helicopters.

The students won a drone for their hard work. Well done!

Art Exhibition 2018

Sackville visual arts reach new heights

Some days writing for this website can seem like the most privileged job in the world. June 27th 2018 might just have been one of those days. First, the fantastic creative writing produced by our year 8s, then news of our scientists’ success in the Big Bang Fair. Finally, the private viewing of our 2018 Art Exhibition.

The slideshow cannot really do justice to the range of talent that was on show in the D block hall. The creativity shown by the students this year is quite breathtaking, and is testament not just to the gifts of the young people, but also to their hours of hard work. And of course the dedication of the art teaching team. Well done and thank-you to everyone involved.

A selection of the work is to be displayed in the St Swithun’s Festival of Arts, from 30th June to 3rd July. See it whilst you can!

Big Bang Fair South East

Sackville science success at South of England Showground

On the 27th June nine year 9 students, Mrs Stromfield and Mrs Morris went to The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers’ Competition at the South of England Showground. We fielded four strong teams. Tom Herron, Jamie Bland and Jamie Stoner had investigated the effect of fear on heart rate, Eve Lewis, Amalie Foster McPhedran and Lauren Whitwick had investigated if people see colour in a different way, Sam Parsons had investigated the effectiveness of suncream against UV rays, and Leah Bush and Freya Eastcott had investigated the effectiveness of different hand sanitisers. Both teachers were very impressed with all of the groups who confidently told the judges about their projects. All of the judges work in the engineering industry.

We were all delighted that Leah and Freya’s project won both the CGG prize for maths and the senior science category for the South East – this means they will be going to the National finals at Birmingham NEC, a fantastic achievement! We are very proud of all of our groups and a great day was had by all.

National Writing Day

National Writing Day at Sackville

On June 27th we celebrated National Writing Day by taking part in the international EMC writing event ‘Let Them Loose!‘ with year 8 H band classes.

Instead of their usual English lessons, students were given some surprise stimulus materials and two hours of computer access to create their masterpieces.

They were encouraged to create anything they liked, subsequently producing a wide range of funny, imaginative and exciting non-fiction texts, articles, poems, plays and fictional creative writing pieces. 114 students (and even some teachers) were involved in creating pieces, and you can see some of their amazing work here.

Widening Participation

Year 9 students enjoy a taste of university life at Sussex

Our year 9 first generation scholars enjoyed their visit to Sussex University as part of the programme the institution put on to introduce students to life at university. The programme is open to all students whose parents have not experienced higher education.

Students get to meet existing undergraduates, have a tour of the campus, view accommodation, lecture theatres and sports facilities, and  get to eat a meal in one of the campus cafes.

The afternoon is spent getting advice on how to make a good university application.

Students are pictured here in one of the study pods in the library.

Thank-you to Sussex for hosting us!