School uniform details

Sackville School Uniform – years 7-11

Sackville students are very proud of their uniform which helps to develop their sense of pride and belonging at school. We want to support them in this, as I am sure you do and wish to see it worn correctly. We are grateful to all of our parents who provide full support in maintaining the high standards of our uniform. The advice and pictures below should make it easier for you to be confident you are buying your child the correct items to wear during their school day. Please don’t hesitate to send a query should you be unsure if an item is suitable.

All the items on the link below can be purchased from Phillips Man’s school shop located on the school site or bought online from here. If an equivalent is bought it must be the same style as that from the Phillips Man’s shops described above. Please take note of the extra advice that has been included about the items before you purchase.


Girls’ navy pleated skirt
  • Knee-length or just above
Navy tailored trousers of a boot cut or straight leg variety
  • No skin tight trousers
  • No leggings, jeggings, jeans or jean style trousers, wide flares, culottes or shorts
  • No belts with a visible buckle
Light blue blouse with revered collar
  • Any garment worn underneath must not be seen at all
Navy V neck jumper with school logo  
White, black or navy socks OR flesh coloured/black tights
  • No multi-coloured socks
  • No leggings instead of tights
Black, flat footwear
  • No high heels, decorations or any other colour, boots of any kind or sandal style
  • Canvas shoes are permitted


Charcoal grey or black trousers
  • No light grey trousers
  • No excessively tight trousers
  • No jeans style trousers or jeans
Navy V neck jumper with school logo  
Blue shirt with collar
  • The neck must be wide enough for the top button to be comfortably fastened
  • Any garment worn underneath must not be seen at all
Navy clip on tie with the school logo  
Black shoes
  • No different coloured decoration or logo or boots of any kind
  • Canvas shoes are permitted

Please also note that 

  • No jewellery other than a wrist watch and a set of plain stud earrings are acceptable. Any other piercings of any kind will be asked to be removed.
  • Shirts must be worn tucked in.
  • Nail varnish is not permitted.
  • Extreme haircuts and colours are not permitted. Below grade 2 and tram lines of any description are not allowed. For girls hair colour must be natural and dip dyes are not acceptable.
  • Make up by girls in year 9 or above must be discreet, particularly eye make-up.

We do understand that some parents may experience financial difficulty and would ask them not to hesitate to contact the school or look at our second hand collection.



PE Kit

Our PE kit has been specially redesigned for the September 2019 intake. The most important change is in the sports tops, which are no longer specific to a particular form group. 

Students in year 8 and above can continue to wear their existing kit. If this is getting too small, there are limited stocks of the old kit still on sale in the school uniform shop, at a discounted price. It no longer matters what colour the students wear.

The new kit has turned out more expensive than we hoped, and we are looking to reduce costs for future years. If there is a year’s life left in an old top, keep it running. It is also worth noting that the cheaper unisex PE top can be worn by girls as well as boys.

Much of the kit can be purchased at any sports shop. Items marked * are available from the school shop. Items marked ** are available only from the school shop.


  • Navy collared t-shirt (either unisex or women’s cut) **
  • Navy blue skort**
  • Long and short white socks*
  • Low cut, predominantly white training shoes
  • Shin pads

Optional Items

  • Plain navy jogging bottoms
  • Gum shield
  • Sackville PE jumper or Sackville sports hoodie


  • Navy blue shorts*
  • Rugby shirt*
  • Long and short white socks*
  • Football boots
  • White shorts*
  • Navy collared t-shirt (unisex)**
  • Low cut, predominantly white, training shoes
  • Shin pads
  • Mouth guard

Items for Cricket

  • White trousers
  • White collared shirt or t-shirt
  • Jumper

Optional Items

  • Plain navy jogging bottoms
  • Sackville PE jumper or Sackville sports hoodie