Teaching staff contacts

Teaching staff contact details

Initials Surname Forename Phone Job role email
PAS Andrews Phil 727 Curriculum Leader of Art pandrews@sackvilleschool.org.uk
ZAA Angella Zach 229 English zangella@sackvilleschool.org.uk
CBH Bach Claire 266 Leader of Psychology / UCAS Co-ordinator  cbach@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JBE Baker Josh 417 History jbaker@sackvilleschool.org.uk
MBD Batsford Mark 774 Business Studies mbatsford@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JBR Beaver James 407 History jbeaver@sackvilleschool.org.uk
GBY Beeney Gill 264 SLT Support Manager gbeeney@sackvilleschool.org.uk
OBO Bello Oksana 792 Maths   obello@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SBP Bishop Sarah 615 Geography  sbishop@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JBD Boyd Jenny 271 English HLTA  jboyd@sackvilleschool.org.uk
HBY Buckley Hannah 721 Art                               hbuckley@sackvilleschool.org.uk
MBH Bush Mel 714 i/c Vocational Psychology / 1:1 Teacher mbush@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SBH Bush Steve 724 Leader of Professional Learning sbush@sackvilleschool.org.uk
LBE Byrne Liam 408 Leader KS5 English lbyrne@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JCK Carrick Joanna 456 English & Drama jcarrick@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SCS Challis Stephen 733 B&V  and CTL Politics schallis@sackvilleschool.org.uk
ACR Coomber Andrew 275 Science  acoomber@sackvilleschool.org.uk
NCD Crawford Natasha 777 Technology/Art ncrawford@sackvilleschool.org.uk
ACE Currie Ali 744 Curriculum Leader of Boys’ PE acurrie@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SCE Currie Suzanne 278 Girls’ PE / SSCo scurrie@sackvilleschool.org.uk
BDS Davies Ben 410 Boys’ PE bdavies@sackvilleschool.org.uk
ADA de Souza Adrian 239 Deputy Head: Raising Standards Leader / Intervention (ICT) adesouza@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SDT Delahunt Stephen 770 Science  sdelahunt@sackvilleschool.org.uk
ADT Dewhirst Abigail 246 Leader of KS3 English       adewhirst@sackvilleschool.org.uk
ADN Doran Amanda 769 B&V adoran@sackvilleschool.org.uk
HDN D’Urban Jackson Hugh 743 Resistant Materials hdurbanjackson@sackvilleschool.org.uk
DES Edwards Deirdra 451 B&V dewards@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JEY Endersby Jake 466 YH 7 Boys’ PE  jendersby@sackvilleschool.org.uk
NFT Feist Neil 227 Deputy Head: 1st Deputy: T&L/CPD   (History)      nfeist@sackvilleschool.org.uk
AFN Ferguson Anna 445 Maths  aferguson@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JFG Fleming Julie 289 Curriculum Leader of Business Studies, Law and Economics jfleming@sackvilleschool.org.uk
HGN Garrison Hayley 236 History / Leader of AfL (maternity leave Oct 2020) hgarrison@sackvilleschool.org.uk
DGN Gerretsen Daan 778 Geography dgerretsen@sackvilleschool.org.uk
CGS Gibbs Charlie 292 English & Media  cgibbs@sackvilleschool.org.uk
EGN Godden Esme 779 English   egodden@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JGT Grant Julian 251 Headteacher jgrant@sackvilleschool.org.uk
IGN Green Ian 295 MFL Leader of French and German igreen@sackvilleschool.org.uk
HGS Groves Henry 766 Science Teacher  NQT hgroves@sackvilleschool.org.uk
CHD Halford Charlotte  705 English  chalford@sackvilleschool.org.uk
THR Hasler Thomas   Maths NQT thasler@sackvilleschool.org.uk
AHN Hatton Andrew 401 Mathematics / Curriculum Development ahatton@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SHK Hawken Sylvia 780 B&V shawken@sackvilleschool.org.uk
DHN Hayden Dennis 269 Assistant Head: Yr 10 & 11 / Child Protect. (PE, Maths) dhayden@sackvilleschool.org.uk
THY Heatley Tom 424 CTL Music theatley@sackvilleschool.org.uk
MHY Hedley Michael 729 Mathematics mhedley@sackvilleschool.org.uk
RHY Hickey Ross   Schools Direct Maths trainee rhickey@sackvilleschool.org.uk
LHS Hicks Liz 282 Science  lhicks@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JHS Hodgekiss Jane 735 CTL Drama jhodgekiss@sackvilleschool.org.uk
KHL Howell Katia 412 Leader of KS4 Mathematics khowell@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SHN Hunt Stephanie 422 SENDCO  shunt@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SJT Jeffcoat Sarah 468 Leader of KS3 Mathematics sjeffcoat@sackvilleschool.org.uk
MJN Johnson Martyn 416 CTL Geography mjohnson@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JKE Keeble James 471 Assistant Head: Data & Monitoring  (Science ) jkeeble@sackvilleschool.org.uk
AKN Keen Anna 725 1:1 Teacher akeen@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SKN Kirkman Sandra 423 English  skirkman@sackvilleschool.org.uk
FLD Langford Francisco 432 Leader of Chemistry flangford@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SLS Latus Steve 747 Geography slatus@sackvilleschool.org.uk
TLY Leahy Tim 436 MFL tleahy@sackvilleschool.org.uk
ZLS Leeves Zoe 437 English & Drama zleeves@sackvilleschool.org.uk
KLY Lindsay Karen 467 1:1 Teacher klindsay@sackvilleschool.org.uk
RLN Linnington Richard 438 ICT/Mathematics/ Leader of Intervention in Maths rlinnington@sackvilleschool.org.uk
RMN Martin Richard 747 Leader of KS3 Design Technology rmartin@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JMR Maunder James 430 Leader of Year 9 English  jmaunder@sackvilleschool.org.uk
DMY May Daniel 736 Business Studies dmay@sackvilleschool.org.uk
LMD McLeod Laura 748 Curriculum Leader of History lmcleod@sackvilleschool.org.uk
TMT Medhurst Tracy 781 Science   tmedhurst@sackvilleschool.org.uk
DMS Miles Danielle 419 ICT dmiles@sackvilleschool.org.uk
AMN Millican Alex 495 YH 10 / Boys’ PE  amillican@sackvilleschool.org.uk
AMS Morris Ade 263 CTL B&V amorris@sackvilleschool.org.uk
KMS Morris Kelly 453  Leader of Applied Science kmorris@sackvilleschool.org.uk
HNE Nibloe Hannah 421 Inclusion Manager hnibloe@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SOL Odell Sophie 616 History   sodell@sackvilleschool.org.uk
KOR Offler Katie 730 Girls PE /i/c Travel and Tourism koffler@sackvilleschool.org.uk
KPE Pope Kerrie 620 D&T kpope@sackvilleschool.org.uk
MPR Porter Melanie 293 Curriculum Leader of Sociology mporter@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SRM Rahim Shahal 468 Curriculum Leader of Mathematics / Wider SLT srahim@sackvilleschool.org.uk
LRS Richards Lisa 476 Curriculum Leader of Girl’s PE lrichards@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JRS Roberts James 479 Science / Law jroberts@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SRS Roberts Suzanne 454 MFL/ Leader of Spanish sroberts@sackvilleschool.org.uk
TRN Robinson Tracy 782 Music  trobinson@sackvilleschool.org.uk
LRR Rogers Louise 276 Leader of KS4 English  lrogers@sackvilleschool.org.uk
MSO Sacramento Michel 454 ICT msacramento@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SSY Salisbury Sarah 618 English ssalisbury@sackvilleschool.org.uk
GSS Sands Gillian 243 YH 11 Girls’ PE  gsands@sackvilleschool.org.uk
GSE Scarfe Graeme 719 Curriculum Leader of Media gscarfe@sackvilleschool.org.uk
OSE Shave Owen 481 Science oshave@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SSN Smeaton Sue 490 Food Technology  ssmeaton@sackvilleschool.org.uk
ASH Smith Amanda 718 Mathematics asmith@sackvilleschool.org.uk
LSH Smith Laura 415 Science  lsmith@sackvilleschool.org.uk
RSH Smyth Ruth 785 Girls PE  rsmyth@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JSN Spearman Jessica 799 MFL i/c teaching and learning development for MFL jspearman@sackvilleschool.org.uk
KST Stewart Kiri 496 Leader of Biology kstewart@sackvilleschool.org.uk
LST Stewart Liza 255 CTL MFL lstewart@sackvilleschool.org.uk
PST Street Paul 241 Deputy Head:  Student Prov/Yr 7&8/Transition/Child Prot   (Gy) pstreet@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JSD Stromfield Janina 234 CTL Science jstromfield@sackvilleschool.org.uk
RST Stuart Radha 244 Curriculum Leader of English / Wider SLT rstuart@sackvilleschool.org.uk
MTE Tate Matthew 272 Science  mtate@sackvilleschool.org.uk
CTN Thompson Craig 428 YH 9 / Languages cthompson@sackvilleschool.org.uk
MTY Tingley Marion 259 YH 8 / Science mtingley@sackvilleschool.org.uk
KTN Treen Kevin 240 Curriculum Leader of DT /  Work Scrutiny   ktreen@sackvilleschool.org.uk
ITL Tyrrell Ian 703 Raising Standards Leader, Science ityrrell@sackvilleschool.org.uk
HVE Valentine Helen 488 Head Sixth Form/ MFL/ H&S hvalentine@sackvilleschool.org.uk
AVE Vance Alison 706 History / SMSC leader avance@sackvilleschool.org.uk
AVN Vaughan Andrew   Mathematics avaughan@sackvilleschool.org.uk
HWN Warran Holly 783 Drama  hwarran@sackvilleschool.org.uk
JWO Watson Josh 487 Deputy Head of sixth form jwatson@sackvilleschool.org.uk
RWN Watson Richard 235 PE  rwatson@sackvilleschool.org.uk
SWB Webb Sandy 405 Mathematics  swebb@sackvilleschool.org.uk
LWM Wernham Lucy 728 English lwernham@sackvilleschool.org.uk
EWS Wicks Emma 712 Food Technology  ewicks@sackvilleschool.org.uk
PWX Wilcox Phil 716 Science Leader of Physics pwilcox@sackvilleschool.org.uk
EWE Woolley Emma 406 Maths ewoolley@sackvilleschool.org.uk
BWT Wright Bethanie 447 Psychology bwright@sackvilleschool.org.uk