Transition calendar

Sackville’s Transition Calendar 2020

Whilst many Year 6 students and their parents/carers will have visited Sackville and met some staff through our partnerships and work with the local primary schools, we are aware of the need to calendar more formal arrangements to ensure a smooth transition to Secondary School for our students.

Below are some of the transition events scheduled for the coming year.

Event Duration Who When Where
Primary School Visits: Year Leader for Year 7 and the Transition Co-ordinator will go into primary schools to meet the students who are starting at Sackville in September.  They will inform students about life at Sackville, field any early questions from students and outline the transition process. 1 hour All students transferring to Sackville tbc Primary School
Admissions Meetings: Each student and their parents/carers will be issued with an appointment, where they come into Sackville and meet with a senior member of staff. A telephone appointment can be offered if self isolating. Here we have an opportunity to get to know the student better, and both parents and students have the opportunity to ask any questions in a more private environment. Each appointment lasts approximately 15 minutes. Students and their parents/carers. 3rd June – 11th June Sackville School
Yr 6 Induction Days: We are not able to run these in 2020. We will be inviting all students to a Zoom call with their new tutors on the 8th, 9th or 10th of July. 1-3 days All students transferring to Sackville 8th -10th July Sackville School

Subject Workshops: Usually this  is an opportunity to meet the subject leaders, however this year we have produced individual videos to tell you what the students will be learning across the following subject: Maths, English, Science, ICT, Technology, Languages and an additional workshop on Show My Homework (the platform we use to set homework). These can be found here.

10 mins Parents/carers of the new students During the first term of Year 7 On-line

’10 Weeks In’ Presentation : A virtual presentation from the Leader of Year 7 and Deputy Head. This is followed by separating into the smaller form groups allowing parents/carers to meet their child’s form tutor and to ask any further questions they may have.

4pm and 6pm  Parents /carers of the Yr 7 students 25th November 2020 On-line

‘Meet the Tutors’ parent meetings: These will be virtual 5 minute meetings, allowing parents / carers to meet their child’s form tutor and to ask any further questions they may have. The tutors will also discuss monitoring grades which will be sent home prior to this date.

Starting 3.00pm Parents/carers of the Yr 7 students 26th November 2020 On-line