Year 6 – Year 7 Transition

Transition from primary to secondary school can be an exhilarating time for many children. The opportunity to experience new subjects, new activities and make new friends at a bigger school is often met with great excitement. At Sackville School we understand that whilst most students feel this way, some may experience nervousness at the thought of starting at a new, larger school. Sackville strives to ensure all students feel supported in their transition process and that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Sackville School has a designated transition coordinator whose job it is (alongside the Head of Year 7 and the year 7 Pastoral Assistant) to ensure that, at every step of the way, your child is made to feel welcome and secure.

We will begin to get to know your child as soon as his/her place is confirmed. Using a mixture of visits to primary schools, an individual admissions meeting with you and your child and a three day induction period in the summer term of Year 6, we aim to ensure your child feels as comfortable and confident as possible as they embark on this new phase of their education.

Within the three day induction period your child will meet his/her form tutor, and form group. With few exceptions, students remain in the same form throughout their time at Sackville School. Tutors are key figures in our relationship with you and your child so we hold a “Meet the Tutors” evening, also in the summer term of Year 6, in order for you to begin to get to know your child’s tutor. As we understand that queries or concerns may surface at any time, you will be provided with the tutor’s direct email address.

We are extremely proud of how well our new year 7s settle in to Sackville School’s community. A confident and happy student is more likely to achieve his or her full potential, which is our aim as much as yours.

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